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The Memory of Flowers
Chapter One: Interior Design

   Mrs. Landon was in love with her new living room, the potted plants, the fluffy throw blanket over her chair; the accents were impeccable. She wasn't entirely sure who the decorator was but if she ever ran into him again, she would surely thank him. In fact, as she sat back marveling at his handiwork she decided to see if he was still in the hallway; perhaps she could catch him.

She rushed out the door and darted her eyes back-and-forth until her eyes finally rested on him. Out of breath she excitedly placed a hand on his arm, catching him by the elevators.

   He was such a handsome man, with crystal green eyes that grabbed her attention making her stop in her tracks. She could get lost staring into them for hours. He was tall too, so she had to angle her neck in such a way to look up at him.

   He was startled to see her, clearing his throat as she said nothing because she just stood there, watching him. She realized how she must look so she hurriedly blurted out her thanks to him for the work he did. He beamed down at her his smile opening slowly revealing a perfect grin, his gratitude evidently painted over his features. When the elevator arrived, he just let it go turning his attention to her.

   “You have no idea how good that makes me feel,” he told her. Mrs. Landon did feel horrible though because she had been a tad rude to him a few moments before when he had sat in her room, but really, who could blame her? What strange young man just walks into an old woman's bedroom without so much as a knock?

   How did he even get into the apartment? Anyone else would have thrown out such an intruder. But when she looked around and saw how enchanting he had made her home she realized that he was only there to decorate for her and that’s when her anger had turned to gratitude.

It was as if she had been seeing her home for the first time. She could not keep her eyes off the fancy new wallpaper, the comfortable sitting room with fresh cushions on the chair. She had to thank him and apologize.

   “Oh, my dear boy, I am sorry! I must have gotten confused before. Here,” she rummaged through the pockets of her robe, “I must have a dollar in here somewhere. He reached down to calm her fumbling hands.

   “No need,” his velvet voice reassured. “Hearing you thank me and call me ‘your dear boy’ is really all I needed today.” His kind eyes gleamed sadness for a moment but then he smiled, and it was an infectious one.

   He said he would see her again and Mrs. Landon was quite all right with that. When the elevator returned, she yelled after him.

    “What’s your name?” 

    Thinned lipped he replied, “It’s John.”

She nodded, “Well John, I'll cook dinner sweetheart, so you make sure to come back soon.” He shook his head with that sadness in his eyes again and waved his farewell.

   Mrs. Landon shuffled back to her room humming a long-ago forgotten song when she realized she lost a sandal somewhere. Her elation at her interaction with the decorator was suddenly gone. She was now flustered as she searched but to no avail. She spent several minutes looking for it once she was back in her apartment.

   “I bet someone took it,” she muttered to herself. Just then a young woman in blue walked in triumphantly carrying the missing sandal. Her smile was warm with a humorous glimmer in her eye.

   “Mrs. Landon looks like I found it first today.” But she didn't return the girl’s smile instead she walked over and snatched the sandal from her. Now, who do you think you are barging into my apartment like this?” The young woman didn't seem to react, instead crossed her hands in front of her nodding.

   “You are absolutely right Mrs. Landon, but I saw your sandal in the hallway out there and I figured I would return it to you so you wouldn't spend time searching for it.”

   She stood dutifully awaiting Mrs. Landon's response, but she just huffed and shook her head, darting it back-and-forth as she looked around the room, to see if anything else was missing.

   “So, are you the one that allowed the interior decorator access? I mean he did a good job here no one can deny that but…” She waved her finger at the girl.      

   “You can't just decide to let anyone into my home without my permission. I pay my rent on time.”

   The young woman took a moment to respond; the wheels in her head turning fast.

   “Well ma'am I'm not sure to whom you're referring to, but I guarantee that you are completely safe here.”

 Mrs. Landon laughed, almost a cackle, as she placed the sandal back on her foot.

   “Safe? Who said anything about being unsafe? This is my place.  I should feel safe here, shouldn't I?”

   Mrs. Landon felt her heart race and her face get hot.

Just who did these young people think they were?

The absolute nerve!

   The woman tried to calm her by leading her to bed and speaking in soothing soft tones, but Mrs. Landon was irritated now, irked really, and refused to sit still. She waved her hand to stop the woman from touching her, but she accidentally hit her in the face.

   The woman’s grip tightened on Mrs. Landon’s shoulders, so she tried to shake her body away from her grasp.

   Just then two other people rushed in. Mrs. Landon screamed bloody murder as they tried to get her to lie down

   “Who are you? How dare you come into my home? Get the hell out!”

    But they wouldn't answer her directly and instead spoke only to each other. Eventually, she was in bed against her will.

    “Stop! Rape! Fire!”

More than one pair of hands caressed her hair. “It’s all right do not be afraid Mrs. Landon.


   Of course, I'm afraid!

This is a nightmare and who in the hell is Mrs. Landon?

   A sudden shock went through her arm then and she felt her energy fading, her mind racing but it was as if she was frozen because she could do nothing but lie there.

   These bitches just shot me!

   Please! Help!

But it wasn’t worth screaming from her mind alone, her mouth unable to move. Her body was unable to fight off the intruders and no one would come because she could not be heard. She tried to scream, she wanted to show that they were no match for her.

   But while they stroked her hair and spoke words that she could no longer hear, even though she tried against it, she fell into a deep fast sleep.

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