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A Love of Writing

Welcome to my Blog!

I am glad to have something I can say that I love. I have been writing since I was a kid and I never understood why I needed to. But it's like the satisfaction you feel after scratching an itch, or remembered something you forgot. Writing connects with emotions; I cannot have one without the other. Emotion is what usually drives me to write, and I can rarely write without emotion.

My poetry is sad, my fiction full of heartache. Everything we create comes from somewhere deep inside us, even if it isn't exactly representative of our own experiences. We are woven in our art like a heavy quilt that keeps us warm.

I no longer question where the desire to write comes from, I merely fuel it with action. I hope you find the beauty in the sadness that I write and there will be moments we can all recognize ourselves in those difficult moments of life. It's how we survive them that helps define us.

I will use this blog to share my thoughts about writing and books, short stories, poetry and anything else that comes to my mind.

-Talk soon,


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