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This novella follows the story of an elderly woman battling Alzheimer's. We see how she navigates daily life while her family struggles to make sense of how this disease has changed her, how it has changed them all. Love carries them through like a wave crashing ashore but nothing can remove the pain they suffer everyday.

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Father of My Child

a novel released biweekly on Kindle Vella

Callie and Andrew met in college and their love story was what they each had been waiting for and all they wanted to start a family which proves difficult. One night, tragedy strikes when Callie is sexually assaulted. The violation wrecks her spirit and Andrew tries his best to be there for her but then the unexpected happens: Callie is pregnant. They have wanted a baby for so long but could they keep it not knowing who the father is? Are they willing to face the risks by finding out the truth?

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The Lost Galaxy

a serial novel releasing on Kindle Vella

Brava1 is a smart young girl, the daughter of Vera III and Malachi IV, officers aboard the Excelsior Status of the Security Division from the planetary system Pleuris Major. They navigate space and time to investigate the Lost Milky Way Galaxy, a collection of stars and planets long dead due to a massive climate storm. Legend has it that human beings were the cause. Brava1 dreams of Earth, the vibrancy of a life long gone and she is destined to find answers as to why Earth is no more.

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Jasper & Sunny Boy Band Series: Book 1

Sunny Valdez grew up having a crush on Jasper Cain Sheridan, lead singer of The Boys Around Town the hottest boy band of the 90s. His falsetto voice and dance moves made her and millions of other girls swoon. The music got her through dark times after the death of her parents and the beautiful lyrics brought about her love of writing. It's now almost 25 years later and she and the other fans have grown up but they've never forgotten, the Boys and the music. One day a chance meeting thrusts Sunny and Jasper together in a romantic tale that all boy band fans dream of.

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Memories of Fog

Alejandra's debut chapbook of poetry reads like a sad tale. Written after a traumatic breakup Alejandra weaves the words in such a  way that the emotions come to life on the page. 
Memories of Fog is available only on Amazon.

Definitions of Woman

Alejandra's second chapbook of poetry is written for every woman. We cannot be stifled or held in silence. This book reads like an oath, a mantra to remind women that we can do anything. Woman is a noun and a verb. 
Definitions of Woman is available only on Amazon.

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